The Evil Within 2 first person mode

•February 14, 2018 • Leave a Comment

The Evil Within 2 can now be played in first person mode on console thanks to the latest update.

PC players have had access to this mode since October thanks to the ability to access the games’ console command. This update is also available for the game’s trial mode, for those who have yet to purchase the game.

You can read more about the update here.

  • VIDEO – The Evil Within 2 first person mode
  • GOBLIN6 is now on YouTube

    •February 13, 2018 • Leave a Comment

    GOBLIN6 is now on YouTube!

    Here you can find an archive of our streams and future in-house media.

    As usual, you can catch our live streams on Twitch, we will be archiving those sessions on our YouTube channel.

    You can check out our YouTube channel here.

    RE4HD Update: Ganado torches

    •February 12, 2018 • Leave a Comment

    Our man Albert is back at it with two new additions to the RE4HD project. First up, the pesetas you pick up through the game now feature new texture maps and visual effects.

    Second, the torches the Ganados carry now feature real-time light sources.

    You can read his full post here.

    Resident Evil 7 one year anniversary

    •January 25, 2018 • Leave a Comment

    Resident Evil 7 was released one year ago today, marking another dramatic shift in the series.

    What was your original reaction regarding the new gameplay style?

  • VIDEO – Resident Evil 7 launch trailer
  • Resident Evil 2 20th anniversary

    •January 21, 2018 • 1 Comment

    Today is the day, 20 years ago Resident Evil 2 arrived on the market and changed many gamers’ lives forever.

    It also showed gamers that Survival Horror had arrived and you could not escape it.

    Did you enjoy this stone cold classic on the original PlayStation or on another console through its many different ports?

    We will be streaming the Claire A scenario tonight on Twitch!

    GOBLIN6 is now on Twitch

    •January 21, 2018 • Leave a Comment

    GOBLIN6 is now on Twitch!

    We will be streaming Resident Evil games (of course) and many other classic/obscure horror games. All games outside of the Resident Evil series will be of the retro variety (SNES, PS1, etc).

    Come join us every Sunday night as we game through horror-related titles!

    You can check our Twitch channel here.


    Resident Evil 4 13th anniversary

    •January 11, 2018 • Leave a Comment

    Resident Evil 4 was released 13 years ago today on January 11th, 2005. Were you a GameCube original, or did you enjoy Resident Evil 4 on another console?

    Resident Evil 4 is also responsible for changing the biohazard series forever.

    Happy birthday Saddler! 4th anniversary

    •January 1, 2018 • Leave a Comment

    Happy New Year! As we start off 2018, a great Resident Evil fansite is also celebrating its 4th anniversary.

    Having officially opened its doors to the public on January 1st, 2014, OBSRV continues to stay online allowing many fans of the Outbreak series to enjoy full online co-op as originally intended by Capcom.

    You can read their full post here.

    Interested in connecting online? Check out their detailed faq here.

    Chris Redfield also coming to Kotobukiya

    •December 26, 2017 • Leave a Comment

    Chris Redfield will also be joining Leon S Kennedy as a Resident Evil Vendetta collectible.

    Pre-orders are now open for Chris, no word on Leon yet. These statues stand at 12 inches tall and will set you back $169.99 USD.

    Both figures are due for release July 2018.

    Leon S Kennedy coming to Kotobukiya

    •December 21, 2017 • Leave a Comment

    A new collectible of Leon S Kennedy will be coming July 18 2018 to Kotobukiya.

    This figure is based on Leon’s appearance in Resident Evil Vendetta.