Tango Gameworks announces GHOSTWIRE Tokyo

•June 10, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks has officially revealed GHOSTWIRE Tokyo at E3 2019.

The Godfather is back!

Resident Evil 5 10th anniversary playthrough

•May 27, 2019 • Leave a Comment

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Resident Evil 5.

As such, we decided to do a full play-through on Twitch.

RE4HD April update

•May 1, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Albert has updated his dev blog with a new video featuring chapter 2-1 from Resident Evil 4.

Head on over to his site for a full break down of the updates.

[The video features voice over en Español]

¡Excelente trabajo hermano!

SPECTRE Podcast now available on multiple platforms

•April 24, 2019 • Leave a Comment

The SPECTRE Podcast is now available on multiple platforms.

You can listen to SPECTRE on:

We have submitted the show to various platforms and will continue to update once they are available. You can catch all 3 episodes here, we will be uploading new episodes every Friday. This will give us a 3-week buffer to record new episodes. The episodes will also be available on YouTube once they are released.

GOBLIN6 Twitter feed

•April 4, 2019 • Leave a Comment

We have added a Twitter feed to the site.

You can also view it from the Server menu, under the “feed” button.

GOBLIN6 Claire 2nd run uncut

•April 3, 2019 • 1 Comment

Here it is, our uncut play-through of Claire 2nd run.

The video starts at 5 minutes 30 seconds, the previous 5 minutes had us (accidentally) playing Claire 1st run.

GOBLIN6 Leon 1st run uncut

•March 30, 2019 • 1 Comment

Here it is, our full blind play-through of Leon 1st run. We are currently in the process of editing and rendering Claire 2nd run.

Enjoy. Raw and uncut.

Resident Evil 2 Community Reactions

•March 21, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Capcom has uploaded a video featuring community reactions from live streams while playing Resident Evil 2.

RE4HD Chapter 1 Final comparison

•March 19, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Albert has uploaded a HUGE batch of comparison photos for RE4’s chapter 1. This is a massive image dump, well worth the watch.

Per Albert, there will be a “last round” of revisions once the final pack is released.

Resident Evil 2 roundtable

•March 13, 2019 • 1 Comment

Capcom has released 3 videos featuring discussion between department heads regarding the development of Resident Evil 2.

The series is split in three parts, which include scrapped elements from the game, as well as a guest appearance from Hideki Kamiya; director of the original Resident Evil 2.