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Since the inception of GOBLIN6, we wanted to feature a forum where users could gather and discuss all things Resident Evil.

We are inviting all users to join and share their love for the series. Here are a few key features we would like users to discuss:

  • Development History
  • Modding of classic and modern titles
  • Lore and theories
  • Online game scheduling

The Goblin6 forum welcomes all users regardless of experience with the history of Resident Evil. Are you a seasoned veteran that has been with the series since the beginning? Help new fans dive into the series lore. Are you a brand new fan? Come and delve into the history of Resident Evil and discuss your favorite hobbies.

The Sphere Hunter’s REmake retrospective

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The Sphere Hunter has released an awesome retrospective on the history and development of REmake.

She goes into great detail regarding the development challenges and a full story breakdown. Keep an eye on her channel, she is definitely one of the top community members creating content for the Resident Evil series. Here’s hoping her Resident Evil Outbreak retrospective will follow next.

[ Although, that cliffhanger at the end has also got us very excited… ]

The retrospective also features music from Mono Memory.

Leon, Claire and guests join Monster Hunter

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Leon, Claire and a few Raccoon City residents will be joining Monster Hunter in November.

Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy.

GOBLIN6 Year Two

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Year Two is in the books baby!

Here is a breakdown of what we did in our second year of operation:

Version 1.4 – Halloween 2019

> The GOBLIN6 Wiki has launched. The Wiki currently features:

> We have locked down the stream layout for Twitch. Layout features:

> Twitter is updated once the stream starts, using the GOBLIN6 LIVE template.

> All screens feature time and date on the top right. Game title, Developer and the release year are featured on screen as well.

> We added a link to OUTBREAK SERVER on the top right of the site.

> We have also changed our news thumbnails from compressed .jpg to lossless .png files.

Version 1.3 – Spring 2019

> SPECTRE podcast is now available on:

> Added the gOSt (GOBLIN6 OS Terminal) overlay to the twitch stream. Retaining the aesthetic of the SPECTRE Podcast, and allowing the chat to be viewed in-game.

> Added 15-minute countdown timer to the stream, allowing users to join the stream before the start of gameplay.

> Added a Stinger to the stream, thanks to the guys at 2560px for the free template.

Version 1.2 – July 2018

> GOBLIN6 files section added. This section will be continuously updated with new content. This will be the cornerstone section for GOBLIN6.

> SPECTRE (the GOBLIN6 podcast) launched.

  • Creator bios
  • Development studios bios
  • Outline for podcast established

RE4HD September update

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Albert has uploaded the latest on RE4HD, this month we get to see the updated version of chapter 3-2.

Here are some bullet-points from his post:

  • Adjusted lighting and effects.
  • Slight model and texture edits.
  • Improved stage shadows where needed.
  • Remastered File and Chapter End background images.
  • Remastered new enemies’ textures and models (not finished yet).

As always, check his site for detailed info.

CAPCOM showcases match footage for Project Resistance

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Capcom has finally revealed what a match in Project Resistance will look like.

Classic Resident Evil objectives are featured in the video, such as finding items to move forward, along with some puzzle solving.

Team Arklay’s Dino Crisis 2019 Gameplay Trailer

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Team Arklay’s has uploaded a new Dino Crisis remake trailer.

The trailer shows Regina walking through the early sections of the game, combat and the T-Rex are showcased front and center.

Team Arklay’s has also announced the new content is on the way soon.

Project Resistance Gamplay Reveal

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Capcom has revealed the official gameplay Trailer for Project Resistance.

As expected, the game will allow the survivors to play in a third-person perspective while the Mastermind uses a variety of camera angles to place traps for the survivors.

It appears that the game has been outsourced to Taiwanese developer Neobards, which have previously worked with Capcom on porting Onimusha, Devil May Cry HD Collection and the Resident Evil Origins port for the Nintendo Switch.

It also appears that Capcom has [possibly] given Neobards access to their in-house tools, mainly, the RE Engine.

There will be a closed beta test from 12:00 am Friday 10/4/19 – 12:00 am Monday 10/7/19 [PST].

As of this writing, Capcom has emailed Resident Evil Ambassadors with an invitation to the closed beta test. Users will enter a lottery system and confirmation selection emails will be sent out on Monday, September 30, 2019, at 12:00 am PST [estimated].

Users will need to have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro to participate.

The Project Resistance site has also been updated with Character Bios and images showcasing gameplay as well.

Project Resistance Trailer

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Capcom has finally dropped the Project Resistance Trailer after first launching the site for the project a few days ago.

The trailer hints at Capcom’s next swing at multiplayer co-op.

Our first impression makes the game look like [possibly] a 4 vs 1 asymmetric match. Reminiscent a la Zombie Master.

Per Capcom, more information will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show.

RE4HD Chapter 2 Final comparison

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Albert has uploaded a MASSIVE image gallery comparing his 2019 updates of chapter 2 against the original RE4 release.

The updates continue to come in steadily, checkout the RE4HD blog for the images.

Fans working on Dino Crisis remake

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Fans going by the name team ARKLAY’S are working on remaking Shinji Mikami’s Dino Crisis, which has just turned 20 years old.

Hopefully, this project will be completed. Especially since Capcom has yet to do anything with the series since Dino Crisis 3 was released on the original XBOX.

Their channel description (in Español), can loosely be translated as:

Team Arklay’s is a small gaming development studio consisting of five members, and we hope that more members will join our team. We make videogame fan projects with our current resources, we will be uploading our latest projects on this channel.

Thank you, we appreciate your support.